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Table Cigarette Case George v with Two-Tone Striped Fired Enamel Salimbeni


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Table cigarette case octagonal section in 925/1000 sterling silver gold plated with translucent two-tone striped fired enamels on guillochè and hand-engraved motifs. George V English Empire style. Diameter cm, 4 length cm. 10.5. Weight gr. 200. Designed by Giorgio Salimbeni in 1983 and reproduced in several specimens and different colors, in the Salimbeni factory with handwork by skilled craftsmen with high thickness plate and large reinforcements suitable for sustaining numerous glaze firings at great heat at about 800° C. Excavation of the “beds” where the enamel is placed with a depth of about mm. 0.4 by means of burins and subsequent guilloché engraving, which is a craftsmanship performed on precious metals that allows to obtain engraved surfaces with complex and repeated geometric patterns. The technique involves engraving the metal with a burin using a machine with manual controls. Subsequent execution of manual engraving of the ornament in the Empire style. High-fire enamelling, with numerous firings, with translucent lila and light blue colors. Sanding and subsequent manual finishing engraving.




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