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Pure Sterling Silver Purse Bottle Perfume Art Deco style untreated Salimbeni


Guilloché engravings with sunburst in English Art Deco style, for this delightful perfume holder with Salimbeni brand in pure untreated Sterling silver. Sterling Silver 925, with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties proves to be perfect for intense and natural perfumed essences, both oily and powdered. In 1920 the first designs of this elegant handbag perfume holder were made but the first specimens will only be produced from 1968 on the indication of Giorgio Salimbeni who also provides for the small modifications that make it today one of the most elegant pieces in the sector and above all it is Giorgio who choose to leave the finish natural. Its measures 2.2 x 1.1 cm. 6.2cm. tall. weight gr. 31 give the Salimbeni Perfume Holder the characteristics of a jewel which, on occasion, can become a romantic pendant. The screw closure is perfect for letting the aroma through which, like a pomander, distributes the scent in the room. A perfect gift for a modern woman who perfumes herself only with pure natural essences or personalized compositions and doesn’t like the homogenization of brands.


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